Greyhounds Ready for Adoption

adoption loveKindred Spirits adoptable greyhounds are fostered prior to re-homing.  The first two weeks of the adoption process spent in your home are considered a trial period.  If for any reason during these 2 weeks, you or Kindred Spirits Greyhound Adoption feel that the adoption is not a good match, the dog may be returned.  Our adoption fee is $250.00 which includes spay/neuter, Heartworm Test, Dental, DHLPP, Bordetella and 1 year Rabies vaccines, worming and a freshly bathed greyhound!!

The first step in our adoption process is to do your research.  Read the information on our website, visit our links, and learn all that you can about retired racers.  After you have educated yourself a little bit, then please print out one of our applications and send it to us. After we have received your application and checked your references, a representative will contact you to set up a home visit and help you choose the greyhound who will be the best fit for your home.

Top 10 Reasons to Love an Older Greyhound

By Claudia Presto

10. They like used toys.
9. They love a good meal.
8. They like to watch TV with you and don’t chew the remote.
7. They say please and thank you.
6. When you’re feeling blue, they make you smile.
5. They know how to keep the peace.
4. They love entertaining.
3. They listen to everything you say.
2. They look at you when you talk to them.
1. They know that happiness is a day in the sun with you.







Meet Charlie.  Charlie came from a home where he was taunted and abused by the males in the home and brings with him the trust issues that result from such an upbringing.  He needs a home where he will be allowed to settle in slowly and learn to trust his caregiver and will probably never be the type of dog who is comfortable going everywhere with his family.  He prefers woman to men and once he warms up to you is a sweetheart of a dog.  He is an Italian Greyhound mix – a breed that can be nervous anyway but a breed that also can be very cuddly and affectionate with their person.  Charlie is one of those dogs.  He does well with other dogs when given a proper introduction and some time to adjust to them but would probably do best in a cat free, kid free home.  He is young and has great potential, just needs a home with someone willing to go slowly with him.




Lissa is a very very sweet female who could live with just about anyone.  She gets along well with other dogs and cats and would be fine around well behaved children.  She does startle a bit at loud noises and because of this would probably be best with older children and in a home with a fenced in yard but overall she is a very happy, affectionate, sweet girl.






Prince (now Baxter)

Update:  Prince’s foster mom has renamed him Baxter and reports that he is doing very well.  He seems to warm up to women faster than men and will need some time to settle into a new setting before trusting his new family and coming out of his shell.  He may also do best in a home with another confident dog as he seems to follow another dog’s lead.  Once he warms up (which doesn’t take long) he is a fun loving affectionate guy.

Original Post:  Prince is a chihuahua/Yorkie cross who came to us when his family could no longer care for him.  He was very stressed when we first got him but it didn’t  take long for his wonderful personality to emerge.  He is good with everyone – other dogs, cats and people.  He is only 3 and has a jaunty terrier personality but also loves to cuddle and be loved.  Because he wasn’t very well socialized in his first home he is a bit timid with new people but with a little encouragement will quickly become your best friend.





Hank’s owner left him tied to a tree when he and his girlfriend broke up and both moved.  Luckily for Hank a good samaritan knew what was going on and rescued him very quickly.  He is a friendly happy guy who is good with other dogs, cats and kids but he does have a lot of energy and needs an active owner.  He just wants to please and simply needs someone to show him the ropes and get him a little exercise.





Redman – ADOPTED

Redman is just the sweetest most easy going boy in the world.  He truly fits the greyhound stereotype of 45 mph couch potato.  He’s just not phased by much of anything.  He hasn’t been here for long and has just made himself at home like he’s always lived in a home.  He’s easy going, could care less about cats and gets along with everyone.  He is going to make someone a fabulous companion.





Daisy Mae

Daisy Mae was picked up as a stray in our local area. Once her owner was found he stated that she must have gotten loose again and that he no longer wanted her. From the looks of the scars on her neck Daisy has probably spent the majority of her life tied outside somewhere. She is a very happy friendly dog who gets along well with both other dogs and cats. While she is not currently living in a foster home with children I suspect she would do just fine with them. Daisy could probably benefit from just a little basic training and some daily exercise but overall is just a very friendly girl who would like a home where she is cared for, loved, and appreciated. She is smaller than she looks in photos. she probably only weighs 40-45 lbs making her a nice medium sized dog.




Update 7/3

Alyce is still shy but once she gets to know you she is a velco greyhound. Always needs to know where you are going and has to follow. She is very quiet except when you come home and then she does the greyhound pogo to tell you that she’s missed you.  She can be a bit grumbly with the other dog i her foster home and at this point we feel that maybe she will do better as an only dog.  She has lived with cats but has met another cat that she did not like so she does seem to be a bit selective about her companions.  She is simply waiting for a foster home where she can be the center of attention.

Original Post – Meet Alyce!  She is a beautiful 2 1/2 year old who has finished her racing career and is now ready for the next phase of her life.  Her racing name was Knine Atlantis but now that she’s retired we have changed that to simply Alyce.  She is a bit on the shy side with humans at first but warms up quickly – especially if they have treats!  Alyce is very food motivated and her foster mom is doing a great job of using that to start her on some basic obedience training and socialization.  She loves to play and would probably do best with a fenced in yard and maybe another dog for confidence.  Overall she prefers woman to men but she is working on that.  She is fine with cats but we feel she would do better in a home without young children just because she is on the shy side.  The child in the picture was very quiet and slow with her and you can still see in her body language how timid Alyce was with her.  A boisterous young child would totally overwhelm her.  Overall this beautiful girl will make someone a great companion.



UPDATE 1/11/2015 – Wyatt is STILL waiting for a forever home to come along.  He is a handsome gentleman who is living with multiple other dogs but would probably do just as well as an only dog.  He can be a little grumpy with younger dogs that he doesn’t know who get right in his face but calms down quickly and accepts them as long as they leave him alone.  He has had some back problems this past year but they don’t seem to be bothering him now.  He doesn’t need any really special care because of it, but his future home should plan on leash walking him (which he LOVES) rather than letting him run too much (although a fenced in yard is fine for potty breaks etc) and not letting him jump too much.  He is just a really loveable middle aged guy looking for a home of his own.

Original Post – Wyatt is a middle aged beagle who came to us from a high kill shelter down south. He is very well mannered and calm for a beagle. He loves a good walk but once it’s over is very content to just laze around in the sun. He gets along with cats and kids and most other dogs and would be a great companion for an older person or any laid back family.


Emmy vet

UPDATE – 7/3 – Emmy is still with us awaiting her forever home.  She is just so sweet and loves so much to play with other dogs that we just can’t understand who she hasn’t found a forever home yet.  She is shy but is willing to trust you once you have earned that trust.  She is just a sweet beautiful hound dog…..We have found that at least one good walk a day – 2 if you have time – goes a long way towards settling her nervousness.

UPDATE – 10/30

Emmy has been with us for some time now which has given us the chance to really get a handle on her personality.  She remains very shy and will take time to trust in her new home but she is just the sweetest dog ever.  Her foster mom is working very hard with her and Emmy has started clicker training. While a bit tentative at first, Emmy has proven to be a very smart girl who very much wants to please.  The very best thing we have discovered about her is that she is absolutely wonderful with other dogs.  She seems to have a sense of what they need from her and draws shy dogs out of their shells and plays with the more outgoing dogs at a level that does not get anyone too worked up.  Emmy would be wonderful at doggy daycare!  She still gets a bit excited with smaller breeds but just loves medium and larger dogs.  She is about 50 lbs and would be a great addition to a home with another dog or 2.  Someone just needs to give this shy girls a place to settle and become really comfortable.

Original Post

Emmy is a Walker Hound mix who came to us from a high kill shelter in the south.  She is a fairly young dog – probably somewhere between 2 and 3 – who is learning what it means to be loved.  She as discovered toys and plays like a puppy as she probably never had the chance to in her puppyhood.  She is very sweet and loves attention and gets along with all of the other dogs in her foster home.  She would do best in a home with a fenced in yard and no cats.  Emmy is very sweet but was probably used as a hunting dogs and will probably never be good with cats – otherwise she has that very sweet affectionate hound demeanor.


“Then God sent the Greyhound to live among man and remember. And when the Day comes,  God will call the Greyhound to give testament, and God will pass judgment on man.”
Persian Proverb